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The Rise of 4K and 8K Content SD memory cards

23rd November 2016 The Rise of 4K and 8K Content

Thought leadership article by Noriya Sakamoto

SD memory cards are optimal for recording, storing and streaming ultra-high-definition content

There’s been a lot of buzz lately in the consumer electronics market around one particular letter of the alphabet: K – as in 4K and 8K.

4K refers to a display device or content that has a horizontal resolution of roughly 4,000 pixels and vertical resolution of 2,000 pixels, whereas 8K is about 8,000 pixels horizontally and more than 4,000 pixels vertically. 4K is also known as ultra-high-definition, whereas 8K doesn’t even have a qualifier like that yet – because it’s 16 times as high definition as standard HD and four times as high definition as 4K.

What this means is that photos and videos shot in these formats have amazing clarity, with an incredible amount of detail – a feature consumers are starting to demand in their viewable content, according to IHS.

4K televisions have already entered the market, and many mobile phones and consumer/prosumer still and video cameras now have the capability to shoot in 4K, including brands like GoPro, Samsung, Sony, Google, LG, Canon, Panasonic, Toshiba, JVC and more, and some brands like Panavision even offer 8K – meaning the ability to capture 8K photo and video on mobile devices and consumer cameras may not be that far away

It’s not just consumers who are shooting video in 4K, however – according to a new report from Northern Sky Research, 4K content channels are poised for growth across DTH, cable TV and IPTV platforms. The company identified 2016 as the year of the tipping point, when 4K ultra-HD content via satellite transmission will skyrocket in growth. It predicts that more than 785 new ultra-HD channels will be available to consumers worldwide by 2025 – a new development, as some 4K broadcast services have been available to some consumer markets, including the United States, East Asia and parts of Europe for more than a year, but they are not available widely or across the world.

Read the full thought leadership article here.

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Raspberry Pi

Cardwave are delighted to be recognised by the Raspberry Pi Foundation for being a valued partner and supplier. We have enjoyed a close business relationship with the foundation since the massively successful launch of the Raspberry Pi in early 2012. Cardwave works with memory distributor, Xel Electronics, who supply Samsung SD cards to Premier Farnell and RS Components, two of the companies authorised by the charity to supply the Raspberry Pi. We are pleased to work with the foundation again on this superb SD card offering. Visit website

"Partnering on another great offering from Raspberry Pi"

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