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SafeToGo®: Helping UK businesses ensure EU GDPR compliance for data on the move

19th July 2017


Sensitive data at risk as millions of USBs are lost/stolen every year

At last month’s Business Expo at STEAM in Swindon we asked visitors to guess how many unencrypted USB drives are lost or stolen every year. The responses we received ranged from just 669 right through to 167million!

A staggering 22 million unencrypted USBs are separated from their rightful owners each year. ‘So what?’ you might be thinking.

USB drives give us the freedom and flexibility to take data/information with us wherever we want to go. What’s on your USB drive? Personal records, client information, financials, confidential files? What would the consequences be of your valuable files getting into the wrong hands?

New data protection laws = tougher penalties for data breach offenders

In May next year (25th May 2018 to be precise) new data protection laws (EU GDPR) will become enforceable which will see organisations face fines of up to 4% of their annual global turnover (or €20 million, whichever is greater) in the event of a data breach involving data pertaining to an EU citizen.

All businesses (globally) that handle EU citizen data should be urgently working towards EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) compliance now if they want to avoid major business disruption in the future.

NOTE: BREXIT will not protect UK businesses from the tough new legislation as the UK Government has already confirmed that the current 1988 Data Protection Act will be replaced by laws that mirror the EU GDPR in due course.

The EU GDPR is real, it’s coming, and you need to be prepared!


One less thing to worry about thanks to SafeToGo

There’s no denying that achieving EU GDPR compliance takes time and resource, but that’s why the European Parliament gave us two years notice. Despite the heads up, recent stats from the Breach Level Index and Information Commissioner’s Office show that worryingly data breach incidents are actually on the rise.

One aspect of data security which can be addressed quickly and easily is that of keeping sensitive data safe on the move.

Modern technology affords us the freedom and flexibility to work whenever and wherever we want. USB drives are a cost-effective and convenient way of transporting and accessing data away from the office as they don’t rely on connectivity. However what happens if you accidentally lose your memory stick or it gets stolen whilst you’re out and about?

If a conventional, unencrypted USB drive gets into the wrong hands the files on the drive are at risk – simply plugging in the device will give anyone access and use of the data on the USB.

A simple, cost-effective way to ensure sensitive data is kept safe on the move is to invest in a hardware encrypted USB drive such as SafeToGo. Even if a SafeToGo USB is lost or stolen the content on the drive remains safe as a password is needed to access the drive.

SafeToGo offers all the benefits and features you would expect from a hardware encrypted USB drive but is also SafeConsole® (Encryption Management Platform) compatible, invaluable for larger organisations who want to centrally manage multiple devices regardless of location.



Hardware vs Software Encryption
SafeToGo Datasheet
SafeConsole Datasheet
Cardwave Information Security Solutions Made Simple


Meet the Cardwave team and find out more at our Business Showcase in September

We’re delighted to be hosting our very own Cardwave Business Showcase at the National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindon (UK) on Tuesday 26th September 2017. The event will be a great opportunity to find out more about the innovative business solutions offered by Cardwave including SafeToGo, Data Resus, SmartDrive, meet with members of the Cardwave team and network with other local businesses, whilst enjoying some light refreshments.

If you would be interested in attending, please register your interest now.

The event will be free to attend but numbers are limited – so don’t delay, register today!

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Raspberry Pi

Cardwave are delighted to be recognised by the Raspberry Pi Foundation for being a valued partner and supplier. We have enjoyed a close business relationship with the foundation since the massively successful launch of the Raspberry Pi in early 2012. Cardwave works with memory distributor, Xel Electronics, who supply Samsung SD cards to Premier Farnell and RS Components, two of the companies authorised by the charity to supply the Raspberry Pi. We are pleased to work with the foundation again on this superb SD card offering. Visit website

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