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Latest data breach stats from the ICO

31st October 2017

With just over seven months to go until tougher data protection legislation becomes enforceable under the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) data breach incidents in the UK show no signs of slowing down according to recent stats from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

In April 2016 details of the EU GDPR were confirmed, with the headline warning being that companies would face fines of up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20 million (whichever is greater) in the event of a data breach involving data pertaining to EU citizens.

But despite firms being given ample notice regarding the new regulations, the ICO reports steady growth in the number of data breaches in the UK, across key sectors including Healthcare, Local Government, Education, Finance, Insurance & Credit, and Legal.

Across all sectors data breach incidents have risen by 24% in the last 12 months (July 2016-June 2017) versus the 12 months prior to that (July 2015-Jun 2016).

ICO data breach incidents April 2015-June 2017

ICO healthcare data breach incidents April 2015-June 2017

ICO local government data breach incidents April 2015-June 2017

ICO education data breach incidents April 2015-June 2017

ICO finance, insurance, credit data breach incidents April 2015-June 2017

ICO legal data breach incidents April 2015-June 2017

Whilst cyber security is the main threat to businesses when it comes to data protection, incidents involving the loss or theft of unencrypted devices continue to grow too.

ICO data breach incidents involving the loss or theft of an unencrypted device April 2015-June 2017

There has been a 15% increase year on year (July-June) in the UK and only this weekend news headlines included “Heathrow probe after ‘security files found on USB stick'”.

The unencrypted USB drive containing security information, 76 folders with maps, videos and documents, including details of measures used to protect the Queen, was reportedly found by a member of the public on a London street. He was able to access 174 documents, some were marked confidential or restricted but were still accessible as they were neither encrypted nor password protected.

Data breach incidents linked to unencrypted devices can be eradicated quickly and cost-effectively, by simply investing in robust, hardware encrypted USB3.0 flash drives such as SafeToGo® for all employees.

If a conventional USB drive is accidentally lost or stolen, the files saved on the drive are accessible to anyone who gets their hands on the drive, bad news if the files contain personal data, confidential information, etc. Such an incident can result in a data breach which could have serious financial implications for a business, not only in terms of fines imposed under the 1998 UK Data Protection Act or EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) but also long term reputational damage, customer and employee churn, etc.

Lose a SafeToGo USB and what could have been a serious data breach is deemed only a security breach due to all your important files being protected from unauthorised access thanks to AES 256-bit XTS hardware encryption, and will not incur any fines.

In addition to keeping sensitive data safe on the move, SafeToGo offers the added benefit of being SafeConsole® compatible allowing organisations to administer numerous SafeToGo devices with efficiency, visibility and control.

Find out more about SafeToGo and SafeConsole now.

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Raspberry Pi

Cardwave are delighted to be recognised by the Raspberry Pi Foundation for being a valued partner and supplier. We have enjoyed a close business relationship with the foundation since the massively successful launch of the Raspberry Pi in early 2012. Cardwave works with memory distributor, Xel Electronics, who supply Samsung SD cards to Premier Farnell and RS Components, two of the companies authorised by the charity to supply the Raspberry Pi. We are pleased to work with the foundation again on this superb SD card offering. Visit website

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