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Cardwave® launches new USB content sharing solution

6th November 2017

Cardwave® Services Ltd in Devizes is pleased to announce the launch of SmartDrive™, an exciting new USB drive that can deliver more, and more… again, and again.


What is SmartDrive?

Combining the Cloud with physical media, SmartDrive is a service technology that allows companies to update information stored on USB drives after they have been distributed. Functionality that can save businesses time and money when it comes to providing employees or customers with regular updates and access to the latest information.

SmartDrive is a simple, cost-effective communications solution, it’s a USB flash drive that offers more…

  • Remote file update – in addition to pre-loading files on a SmartDrive, files can be added and removed remotely via your SmartDrive Content Management System (CMS)*.
  • Branding – feature your logo on your SmartDrives and customise your SmartDrive User Interface with your logo and web link.
  • Auto start – your SmartDrive can be programmed to start up automatically when plugged in.
  • Reporting – user adoption and document access information can be viewed at any time via the CMS.

*Note, SmartDrive content will only update when the drive is plugged into an internet enabled device.

How might SmartDrive be used?

SmartDrive launched in the US a few years back and is already being used for a variety of reasons by large organisations including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Starbucks and The Home Depot. View their case studies now.

Here are just a few examples of markets/sectors in which the benefits of SmartDrive could be hugely beneficial…

Meetings & Conferences

Traditional delegate packs can be both time consuming and expensive to produce, print, bind, etc and all too often the minute you’ve completed the packs you receive a last minute amendment or spot an error – arghhhh! And let’s be honest as a delegate, lugging a hefty pack of paper back to the office (especially if you’re overseas or travelling by public transport) isn’t ideal and all too often we end up filing such packs (in the bin!).

The content on a SmartDrive can be updated quickly and easily at any time, meaning files can be added before, during or even after the meeting/conference so organisers can be confident that delegates leave the event with all the relevant information they need, on an easy to use, easy to transport branded device. Furthermore organisers can track if delegates have used their SmartDrive and what files have been accessed, information that can be used for follow up.

Membership Schemes and Subscriptions

Sending out traditional printed materials can be expensive and time consuming, especially for companies needing to send out regular updates, policy documents, terms and conditions, newsletters, etc. Furthermore the onus is on the customer to destroy old versions of documents and keep their personal filing up to date to avoid confusion and issues.

Although many schemes now supply documents via an online login, such access is reliant on having good internet connection which isn’t always convenient.

Issuing members/subscribers with a SmartDrive immediately eliminates any version control issues and gives businesses the ability to issue new documents or updates within minutes. SmartDrive can also be used offline so documents can be accessed at any time.


Publishers who currently distribute publications via CD or conventional USB drive can save time and reduce distribution costs by simply providing subscribers with a single SmartDrive that when plugged into an internet enabled device will download all the latest issues of the publication.

Direct Sales

Traditional door to door sales have evolved from lugging around a suitcase full of brochures, catalogues, price lists, forms, etc, to a more professional laptop/tablet presentation and a few bits of printed collateral. However the latter relies on employees having internet access or being able to locate the most up to date information on their desktop, and failure to access the correct documents could result in a lost sale or a costly error being made.

Issuing field-based staff with a SmartDrive means both the employee and employer can be confident that they have quick and easy access to all the information they need to deal with a sales enquiry efficiently.

Cardwave is excited to have added SmartDrive to their business solutions portfolio and is delighted to be the sole distributor of SmartDrive in the UK and Europe.

To find out more about SmartDrive visit

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Raspberry Pi

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