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Energy & Utilities

Cardwave has worked closely with major utility providers and energy generation companies for many years. Our services solve a particular problem for our customers, whether this is supporting legacy terminals that still use old form-factor memory, through to the latest rugged laptops and data capture devices.

The devices commonly used utilise flash based media storage at either a data or operating system level. The applications include field based data collection (meter reading), power consumption and diagnostic reporting from field based engineers, as well as power generation and safety monitoring via handheld devices at power station or gas processing facilities.

Green energy provision is also a major factor in this sector and the “Green Policy” of many companies mandates the type of media and devices it utilises. Flash memory devices have a superior “Eco Footprint” (when compared to DVD media), as they can be reused, rewritten and redistributed with new data many hundreds of times and are easily recycled once they do reach the end of their life.

There is also the capability for data to be remotely updated to a flash device (provided the right infrastructure is in place), as opposed to physically collecting the device and updating it manually, saving time, costs and environmental impact in travelling to collect devices or packaging in returning devices.