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Telecommunications is an industry that is evolving continuously and demands ever more efficient and reliable products with high levels of performance.

Cardwave works closely with many of the global leaders and developers within this industry, which means we possess a vast amount of knowledge and the capability to meet the requirements of all sectors, including end users who demand the fastest, most user friendly and reliable devices available.

Whilst evolution and technological innovation is important in this sector, Cardwave also has the ability to offer long term supply and support of legacy technologies. For example, many systems and devices still rely on CompactFlash cards, and whilst this is still a specialist product, we are also helping customers migrate from mechanical and magnetic storage into using CompactFlash cards and other forms of solid-state media for the first time.

Telecommunications are delivered into many sectors and, whilst networks and devices evolve, it is functionality that is a key factor in their application. Requirements can range from firmware hosting data for real time voicemail systems, dynamic storage of hold music, through to static operating systems.