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Local & National Government

Data integrity and security are paramount in this sector, along with ensuring the correct systems and technology are purchased within a highly cost effective framework. It is only with in-depth product knowledge and an understanding of customers exact requirements that you can deliver to these standards.

As with other market sectors, public servants sometimes need to work away from their main office and therefore have a need to connect-in remotely. Supporting remote access to government systems is only possible via highly secure and authenticated devices. Our knowledge of Smartcard technologies and how they are being used with more conventional forms of flash storage has enabled us to provide highly secure encrypted devices which have allowed government personnel to safely access their required information and systems remotely.

Cardwave has a range of products and services that meet the needs of Government procurement departments. Specifications for ICT systems and policies for managing and accessing data are normally laid down, but delivering against these specifications is not always easy. Our specialist advice, consultancy, system integration and customisation services ensure that protocols are met.