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Most, if not all, industry sectors have a reliance on some form of ICT to function, which is why this sector is highly diverse and is moving rapidly in terms of technology development.

Data storage is critical in all forms of ICT, and as with all areas of ICT there is a steady migration towards new technology. Within data centres, for example, the migration is from Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) to Solid State Drives (SSDs). Solid-state flash as a technology is important because it gives faster access time, it is more robust and there is a lower power requirement, hence it generates less heat which in turn needs less cooling. SSDs will not replace HDDs for bulk data storage anytime soon, but they are increasingly being used for higher performance applications because of their low latency and high IOPS capabilities.

Cardwave has a range of products that meet all requirements for ICT applications, we support all form factors, interfaces and can advise you on which grade of memory (enterprise, industrial or consumer) is right for your application.