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Products & Services

Flash memory is everywhere; from smartphones and tablets to industrial computing devices and cars – the list is endless. Navigating this can be daunting and confusing so it is essential to know what is available and which product is right for a particular application.

There are many different grades of flash memory and most manufacturers differentiate their products by environmental or performance characteristics, such as operating temperature, data read and write speed, reliability and longevity.

Cardwave understands the intricate details (the DNA) of the products we work with, we understand content and more importantly, we know how to put it together properly and then lock it down. We can also do clever things with cards and flash drives and make them behave in a particular way – this isn’t always easy, but we know what is possible and we have the knowledge and capability to do it.

Decisions on which type of product to use can be driven by requirements to achieve certain levels of performance, the need to operate under specific usage conditions or governed by cost. Cardwave works closely with our customers’ to define which grade, level of flash and source of controller will be most suitable for their requirements..

Products are tangible, but it’s the service we give our customers that sets us apart from our competitors. Every customer is unique and they all have their own set of requirements, whether this is a tight deadline for delivery, information for a company presentation or programming an encrypted license file to an SD card. Whatever the requirements are, we know how to deal with it and we know how to tie all the elements of a project together.

Some of the services we provide include:

Data duplication
Product migration
Secure erase service
Custom hardware design
Content protection
Bespoke engineering
Training workshop
Packaging & fulfillment