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SmartDrive technology solves problems for companies that need to maintain documents with their employees, customers, students, or resellers.

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SmartDrive video

SmartDrive is the least expensive content management solution on the market. It provides a low-cost method to manage content, enabling companies to instantly update and distribute documents.

All companies have digital content, such as catalogues, product specifications, price lists, investment prospectuses, insurance forms, or product manuals. Companies need to maintain current versions of their documents and have logistics for distribution and replacement. Regardless of content being paper or digital, problems occur when new versions of documents are sent out. Paper via mail often gets misplaced, or order versions don’t get recycled. Digital distribution has issues where end users don’t receive emails, or forget to go back to the website for the most current version. In all cases, incorrect materials can cause frustration or even result in lost sales or financial risk. The biggest problem is at the human level. End recipients are asked to make sure they maintain current versions of documents, and, frequently, they don’t because it takes too much time.

SmartDrive solves this problem with technology that maintains all company documents within a USB drive. After delivery to recipients, companies can update their SmartDrive USBs through a secure web dashboard to their content. A company administrator logs in with a password, then simply adds, deletes, or replaces files through the dashboard. All USBs will automatically update instantly. Along with the ability to update content on the distributed USBs, the dashboard enables companies to see how many users plug in the SmartDrive USB, how frequently the USBs are used, which documents are being viewed, or how many times users click to visit the company website. These analytics can be used for return on investment justification. More frequently, however, companies value the information analytics and tracking can provide.


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