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2.5” SSD

With no moving parts, SSDs are a departure from traditional HDDs (hard disk drives). Data transfer to and from SSDs is much faster than mechanical disk drives with zero latency due to there being no read/write head to move. The faster performance means that users can typically take advantage of much faster boot times as well. SSDs can usually plug into an existing HDD socket as they can be packaged in the same size case and their adoption has been driven by the ever-growing requirement for higher input/output performance. High performance laptops, desktops or any application that needs to deliver information in real-time or near real-time can benefit from SSD technology.

With no moving parts SSDs are more durable and much quieter than HDDs and, as a result, considered more rugged and offer greater protection in hostile environments. This higher resilience to shock and vibration has resulted in SSDs being used in critical applications such as security, defence and mission computers where the capture of data or the execution of a software program must continue through a wide range of environmental conditions.

Typical Applications:
– Rugged Computers
– Industrial Automation Systems
– Vehicle Based Systems
– Defence and Aerospace
– Medical/Healthcare
– Video Capture and Surveillance
– Data Centres
– Radar and Sonar Equipment
– Broadcast Equipment