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Embedded USB modules provide a reliable and extremely cost effective design alternative to traditional hard disk drives. Typically utilised in commercial and industrial applications these type of modules are used for traditional data storage and also to boot direct from the drive.

Being solid-state technology, with no moving parts the risk of mechanical failure is removed so reliability and durability is vastly improved when compared to traditional mechanical HDDs. They also deliver faster start-up, reduced latency, consistent read/write performance, greatly increased random access speeds, as well as providing silent operation and requiring a lower power consumption.

Embedded USB modules are also smaller than most hard disk drives which can be a vital consideration in applications with limited physical space available and having a USB interface also helps to simplify the integration process and as a result keeps implementation costs low.

Typical Applications:
– Embedded Systems
– Medical Systems
– Surveillance Systems
– Communication Systems
– Aerospace Systems
– Rugged Computers