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Built to the JEDEC MO-297A standard and compatible with the same SATA connectors as those found on 2.5” HDDs and SSDs, the Slim SATA module can be used to fit into most portable systems or larger computing platforms. Its compact size (54 x 40mm), but with capacities up to 128GB and 256GB, means it is often used for efficient SWaP (Size Weight and Power) upgrades. Up to 3GB/s SATA performance is possible and high sustained read and write performance make this standard ideal for telecommunications and embedded storage solutions.

As well as fitting into standard hardware such as laptops and embedded computer systems, the compatibility with consumer grade connectors makes designing-in easy and cost effective. This makes the Slim SATA form factor an ideal choice for new designs where space is at a premium.

Typical Applications

– Embedded Systems
– Ticketing Machines
– Vehicle Computers
– ATMs
– Point of Sale (POS) machines
– Rugged Computers