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A lesson in data protection

18th December 2017

Organisations globally, including educational establishments, face fines of up to 4% of global annual turnover (or €20 million, whichever is greater) in ...

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Latest data breach stats from the ICO

31st October 2017

With just over seven months to go until tougher data protection legislation becomes enforceable under the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) ...

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Data protection reform – the laws are changing but are data breach trends?

20th September 2017

EU GDPR: We think we’re ready but are we really? With the enforcement of the new EU GDPR legislation now just over 8 ...

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SafeToGo®: Helping UK businesses ensure EU GDPR compliance for data on the move

19th July 2017

  Sensitive data at risk as millions of USBs are lost/stolen every year At last month's Business Expo at STEAM in Swindon we asked ...

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EU GDPR: One year down, just one to go!

26th May 2017

Are businesses on track for EU GDPR compliance? The new 2016 Breach Level Index reports a worrying 86% increase in the number of ...

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Data Loss, Lost Accounts, Lost Business Contacts, Lost Designs, Lost Contracts

Data recovery – can you do it yourself or do you need expert help?

9th March 2017

Data is the lifeblood of your business operations As a home business owner if you were asked to name your most valued assets, ...

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Protect data on the move with SafeToGo

Data breach baddies beware!

8th March 2017

There's a new super hero in town - protect your organisations data on the move from big bad fines with SafeToGo®   The wonders ...

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limitations of cloud storage, data recovery, data protection, Data Resus, HDD,

Is your head in the clouds when it comes to data protection and recovery?

15th February 2017

Data loss, whether short or long-term, can be crippling to the day-to-day operations of an organisation which is why having a robust ...

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Data Privacy Day

On Data Privacy Day – think and act now before it’s too late

27th January 2017

Data Privacy Day is observed every January 28 as a reminder to protect and safeguard private data. Is your business ready for ...

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Origin Storage forms collaboration partnership with Cardwave

5th October 2016

Origin Storage have become a Solutions Partner of SafeToGo™ centrally managed encrypted USB’s by Cardwave.  Mobile work forces are an important part of ...

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Data Theft Affects You and Your Business Today

5th July 2016

Data theft is not a new crime. For many years, there has been interest in our data and personal information by criminals. ...

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Don’t be complacent with your data because of Brexit

24th June 2016

The UK may be leaving the EU, but that doesn’t mean businesses can afford to be complacent about data laws. Many people are ...

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Cardwave launches Information Security Solutions guide

26th May 2016

In preparation for the EU General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in May 2018, Cardwave has produced a guide to assist ...

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EU Data Protection overhaul finally approved

15th April 2016

After 4 years of discussions,  the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was formally approved yesterday by the European Parliament, meaning new EU-wide ...

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You don’t use secure USB drives? What could possibly go wrong?

11th April 2016

Over the years, we have repeatedly been alerted to stories of lost unencrypted USBs found storing sensitive data, and still companies are ...

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Survey reveals worrying facts around data breaches

22nd January 2016

A survey* carried out last month of the country’s top data protection professionals uncovered a worrying statistic that one third of their ...

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The New EU Data Protection Regulations: An Update

27th August 2015

A few months back, we took a look at the new regulations proposed for the EU to protect data. It’s getting ever-closer ...

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Data Breaches – Cardwave Report

29th July 2015

Cardwave looks at the worrying statistics concerning data breaches, collected in 2014. To see the full size infographic please click here.    

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How Safe is Your Data?

23rd March 2015

Preventing your data from loss or falling into the wrong hands should be a key part of every company’s IT strategy and ...

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Proposed Data Protection Regulations Update

11th March 2015

Data protection should already be a priority for business. Now, the proposed EU Data Protection Regulations are set to raise the stakes ...

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Data Protection and the ICO

4th February 2015

Picture credit: Brian Carroll On the 6th January our Business Development Manager attended an event in South Wales organised by a networking group ...

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Raspberry Pi

Cardwave are delighted to be recognised by the Raspberry Pi Foundation for being a valued partner and supplier. We have enjoyed a close business relationship with the foundation since the massively successful launch of the Raspberry Pi in early 2012. Cardwave works with memory distributor, Xel Electronics, who supply Samsung SD cards to Premier Farnell and RS Components, two of the companies authorised by the charity to supply the Raspberry Pi. We are pleased to work with the foundation again on this superb SD card offering. Visit website

"Partnering on another great offering from Raspberry Pi"

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