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Memories about memory cards

18th December 2018

What do you know about memory cards, their history and evolution? In today’s ‘smart’ world so much of what we do relies on ...

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Living on the Edge: A Data Storage Revolution

16th November 2018

The new SD Express is an ideal vehicle for an edge storage and computing gateway The future is here, and it requires removable ...

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Change for the Better: Introducing SD Express

26th July 2018

A demand for memory cards with higher speeds; improved protocols and interfaces; high performance sequential; and random access spurred the creation of ...

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Controllers: The Unsung Heroes in Achieving A2

15th May 2018

Article by Rex Kuo, Senior Product and Project Engineer at Phison Electronics Corp, courtesy of the SD Association  All the buzz about A2’s ...

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SD Memory Card Market to Exceed US$8.9 Billion in 2022

1st May 2018

Rising demand for smartphones in developing regions is expected to create an opportunity for microSD memory card manufacturers. However, the presence of ...

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SSDs, USB Drives, SD Memory Cards: Know the Difference

15th January 2018

Choosing the right storage option for the right application By: Keith Tsai Originally published here on the 1st November on the SD Association website. Gone are the days ...

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What you should know before storing data on a SD memory card

26th July 2017

Thought Leadership - SD Association The 5 most critical traits about SD memory cards By:Crystal Chang User experience, and the constant need for more efficient ...

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Understanding the Difference Between Consumer and Industrial SD Memory Cards

19th December 2016

Industrial and OEM users have more unique options By:Paul Norbury   SD memory cards as a technology have a proven track record as the most ...

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SD Association introduces App performance class and new SD memory card symbol

23rd November 2016

New specification creates more storage expansion options for mobile users to run applications from SD memory cards at optimal levels.   Mobile phones and mobile ...

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The Rise of 4K and 8K Content

The Rise of 4K and 8K Content SD memory cards

23rd November 2016

Thought leadership article by Noriya Sakamoto SD memory cards are optimal for recording, storing and streaming ultra-high-definition content There’s been a lot of buzz ...

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NAND flash

Supply Shortage of NAND Flash Worsens

9th November 2016

The supply shortage of NAND flash has worsened in the fourth quarter due to higher demand in the smartphone and solid-state drive ...

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The Card Versus The Cloud

26th August 2016

Card or cloud? That is the question that consumers and businesses will be asking themselves more and more frequently when they think ...

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Removable Storage Flies High in Aerial Imaging

8th July 2016

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are one of the most popular and quickly growing segments of the camera market, ...

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The State of the microSD Memory Card in 2016

16th May 2016

When one thinks back to 2005, the year of the microSD memory card’s debut, it feels like far more than 11 years ...

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Why Older SD Memory Cards Are Still Relevant

15th April 2016

The SD memory card was born in the year 2000, when Bill Clinton was completing his second term as president of the ...

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The More You Know – Choosing the SD Speed Class That’s Right for You

30th March 2016

Knowledge is power. Before you buy a pair of shoes, you need to know your shoe size. Before putting together new furniture, ...

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New SD Association Video Speed Class Supports 8K and Multi-File Video Recording

25th February 2016

SAN RAMON and PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, Japan – CP+ BOOTH G-O6 – Feb. 25, 2016 -- The SD Association (SDA), a global ecosystem ...

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Why the SD Market Continues to Focus on Capacity, Security and Reliability

27th January 2016

By: Andre Chen,  Project Manager at Phison. As the world becomes more digitally focused, technology continues to evolve, and so do the tools used ...

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How 3D NAND Can Continue Gigabytes Scaling, Enhance Applications

14th December 2015

Because 2D NAND’s ability to shrink is reaching its limits, the NAND industry has been working for a few years on 3D, ...

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The Next Frontier: New Applications for SD Memory Cards

2nd November 2015

By: Janice Chiu, a board member of the SD Association and the Director of Expandable Storage Team at Silicon Motion Inc. SD memory ...

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Small but Mighty, the microSD™ Card Celebrates its 10-year Anniversary

12th October 2015

With capacity that has increased 6,000 times in 10 years, packed into a device the size of a finger nail, microSD cards ...

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Why SD Memory Cards Drive Reliable Storage in Automotive Applications

10th August 2015

When choosing a SD memory card for automotive applications, it is necessary to select the appropriate product. Cards need to pass tests ...

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Avoid the Counterfeit SD Card Trap

15th May 2015

Like many people in our industry, I immerse myself in the trade journals, trying to keep up-to-date with what is going on ...

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Computational Photography Will Revolutionize Photo Storage

11th May 2015

Computational photography has the potential to impact virtually every type of company involved in photography in any way -- from makers of ...

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More than meets the eye

23rd February 2015

Since January 2000 the SD Association has been developing and promoting SD standards to enable a growing number of companies to facilitate ...

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SD Association signs collaboration agreement with TransferJet Consortium

26th March 2014

The SD Association (SDA), a global ecosystem of companies setting industry-leading memory card standards, and TransferJet Consortium, the international group developing industrial ...

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Raspberry Pi

Cardwave are delighted to be recognised by the Raspberry Pi Foundation for being a valued partner and supplier. We have enjoyed a close business relationship with the foundation since the massively successful launch of the Raspberry Pi in early 2012. Cardwave works with memory distributor, Xel Electronics, who supply Samsung SD cards to Premier Farnell and RS Components, two of the companies authorised by the charity to supply the Raspberry Pi. We are pleased to work with the foundation again on this superb SD card offering. Visit website

"Partnering on another great offering from Raspberry Pi"

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